Turbine Flushing Equipment Corporation (TFE) is your complete source for ultra-high velocity turbine generator lube oil, EHC and ancillary system flushing. We also specialize but are not limited to fluid remediation services and rentals, UHV equipment manufacturing, infrastructure pipe cleaning and marine services. In 1969, we introduced our methods into the preventive maintenance industry which exceeded expectations proving outstanding results. Turbine Flushing Equipment Corporation has over 39 years of experience in the ultra-high velocity flushing of fluid systems. Our proprietary methodology is essential to your system during scheduled maintenance outages including the cleaning of piping walls, components such as fluid coolers, full flow filter systems and much more. Our success rate is 100% on large steam turbines and EHC system flushing. Our Head-quarters are located within the Greater Atlanta Area which provides a distinct advantage in order to provide fast and reliable service for mobilization and shipment of large or small pieces of equipment to customer locations anywhere in the United States and internationally. The Atlanta International Airport is just minutes away from our location which also allows for expedited travel for technical assistance and equipment maintenance for our customers. Our equipment is shipped in secured Conex containers to your site, with equipment that is always micronically clean and ready to work! TFE designs and manufactures the equipment that is utilized on its flushing systems. The results prove superior to those who do not use purpose built equipment. We produce a cleaner, faster, more efficient system that anyone else in the industry. TFE will be happy to discuss our overall ultra-high velocity flushing system with you personally! Preventive maintenance= increased maximum reliability. 

TFE is pleased to serve the following industries and many more:

  • Public Utilities
  • Refineries
  • Electric Cooperatives
  • Private Power Generators
  • Co-Generators
  • Steel Manufactures
  • Chemical Manufacturers
  • Process Industries
  • Infrastructure and
  • Industrial Piping